Sunday, August 8, 2010

The night before...

So tomorrow's the big day. We will be driving to Chicago tomorrow afternoon to fly out at 6 p.m. for London, England. This is our first stop on the journey as we have an 11-hr layover before heading to our final destination: Nairobi, Kenya.

Will is most excited about being able to meet and live with the Masai tribe this weekend. We will be camping out in a tent in their village, worshiping with them at their church, and playing, eating, and fellowshiping with them. Will is looking forward to learning the trade of "shepherding" from the other Masai children.

We will be meeting up with our good friends, Andy & Lesa Brown and their children, as well as other missionaries, like John & Joy Haspels & their children. There are so many new and exciting things for us to experience that we hardly know what to look forward to the most. What we do know for certain is that God will be with us throughout the journey. Our good friend, and next door neighbor, Rick Welty, just stopped by to offer a prayer of blessing for us on this journey. We feel well-blessed as we were commissioned in both worship services this morning, complete with prayers and laying on of hands by our beloved congregation.

While we're excited, we are also a little tired as we just said goodbye to the last visitors of our 20/40 cookout/BBQ. Over 55 people came to our home to just eat, play and get to know each other. What another blessing!

Lord, please be with us on this trip and help us to see the world you have created with new and receiving eyes and hearts. May we celebrate your goodness and show your love to all the others we encounter. In Jesus' name we pray...

Will & David


Marcia said...

Can"t wait to hear more. Godspeed on your journey. Just returned from GCPC International Mission trip to San Ignacio, Belize. Yours will likely far surpass ours in length, stories, and great experiences extending God's hands to serve others in the far corners of the world. Our trip was so wonderful in many ways as 14 of us did our best to help the Belizean people.

You and Will will be in our prayers!

Marcia Turner

Heidi said...

I am so excited to hear about your experiences and to learn how they will forever impact your life and view of the world...not to mention what Will is going to take from this experience!

Praying for your safety & spiritual growth!
The Olson family