Thursday, September 23, 2010

Africa wrap-up

So it's hard to believe it, but it has been a month since we've returned from our trip to Kenya. We had wonderful experiences with our old friends: The Browns & The Haspels, and our many new friends from AIM-OFM, Rosslyn Academy, and Olepishet, Kenya.

The trip was not only an adventure, but an eye-opening reaffirmation of the call God put on me. Now, I'm not saying that I am called to pack up the family and move to Africa. That call is for some, but not for us...right now anyway. Rather, the call to help our Christian brothers and sisters connect with others across the world. Sometimes it just has to happen in the most simplistic ways. We don't have to go through an organization or anything like that. Rather we just need to make connections, beginning in prayer, and follow the Lord's bidding.

With that said, we are on the "move" and developing a vehicle fund for the community in Olepishet. If you've read the last post, I explained the dire need for transportation to and from the medical services locations. The nearest health center is a 45 minute drive and the nearest hospital, over 2.5 hours. Imagine trying to walk 2 hours after getting a snake bite. You wouldn't make it far once you get the blood pumping in your body. Imagine being attacked by an elephant in the bush and not being able to receive medical attention other than Tylenol. (This happened just 2 weekends ago to a man I met in Olepishet.) For three days he suffered in the community after being attacked by an elephant before transportation was secured to get him to the hospital.

Obviously, the need is great, and we are set up to help our brothers and sisters across the globe. If you would like to contribute to this cause (the Olepishet Vehicle Fund), you may contact me directly at Serious inquiries, only please.

Thank you for your prayers for the safe journey and let us lift up the entire community of Olepishet.

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