Friday, October 8, 2010

It's getting misty out there...

So I've been working on a book idea--thanks to my colleagues in my Doctorate program and my Wednesday night small group at church. And its all about the mist.

In fact, its probably more about walking a journey of faith in the midst of everyday life. So many people want faith to be so cut and dry, clear and to the point. For example, many different brands of Christians not only want to know "who's in and who's out", but they want to be the ones to determine so.

In the midst and mist of things like suffering (when bad things happen) we want to make snap judgments to help us deal with them. Like: "It was God's time to take your little child." or "God has a reason for making you go through this difficulty". I know I can be honest here because I don't know many reading this blog, but I don't believe everything happens for a reason. I think its a cop out. I do believe God can make good situations come out of something bad, but I don't believe that God causes the bad things to happen. This is part of our living in a sinful, fallen, and disease-ridden world. God is the creator, not the destroyer of life. How many artists do you know that create a masterpiece and then burn it? Would an inventor choose to throw away his invention? I don't think so.

So these are just a couple of thoughts on living in the misty world of a faith journey. What are your thoughts? What other misty/midsty elements in faith do you see coming to light? Be aware...good suggestions may come to a book-store near you!

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She Rev said...

I don't believe it all happens for a reason either. Never have. I find more comfort in this theology than in the opposite. Further confession? I also find that it is hard to minister to those who hold the opposite understanding. I don't know how to offer comfort from that kind of God.